scientific maps

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band members-
PHIL PASCUZZO plays the drums
JUSTIN BAKER plays the bass guitar
DONNA BAIRD plays horns and moog and voice
AARON SMITH plays guitar and voice

the octopus is going home

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Scientific Maps is a pseudonym for Albany, N.Y. resident and musician, Aaron Smith, as well as the name of the four-piece band. Scientific Maps started in 2003 as a side project for Smith, the then bass player for Albany band The Stars of Rock. As The Stars ceased functioning, Aaron began concentrating on writing and recording hits for an album with songs reflecting influences as varied as the supernatural and crypto-zoological to British invasion to Sherlock Holmes to Elephant 6 and then back to the supernatural.

For the past three years, Aaron has been recording all the instruments himself in his cramped Albany basement most every afternoon and weekend. The final result is a complete album containing 16 original and laboriously fine tuned compositions titled Get off the Moon. The wide variety of instruments (guitar, air organ, theremin, analog drum machine, moog synth, plastic tubing, live drums) combine to create a series of songs imparting on the listener a feeling of floating through space while being chased by the ghost of Jeremy Brett wearing a Who T-shirt.