I’m going to run through some of the songs on my new album in an effort to generate interest and boost sales. I need to make money for my label *Seehurst Records* or I’ll get “dropped like a hot brick!” Ready??


How I Dissolved This one is easy. It’s about aging and obscurity. Here’s my boring story about fading into oblivion. Lovely harmonies at the end thanks to Donna Baird. The song contains a swear.

My Favorite Grave The title was inspired by a headstone in Green-wood Cemetery that just reads “Get over it,” which is also one of the album’s themes.

A Tomb For One Part II  I wrote this song on guitar early one morning before work in a basement in Albany, many years ago. My upstairs neighbor must have been sleeping because they started stomping on their floor as I was trying to quickly record it before I left the apartment.

Big Chase Scene This song’s meant to be played during a “Scooby-doo, where are you!” chase scene (the cartoon from the early 70s. Not any specific episode but definitely that era. Also, this song has no connection to and was not at all influenced by Scrappy-doo and any claim to the contrary will be met with litigation.)

When The Lights Go Out Oh, a song about wanting to stay home all the time! I write extremely relatable songs about voluntary seclusion. It’s all the rage these days.

Last Words Get over it!